Proprietary Strategies Driving More Clients To Your Establishment

Maximize Your Ad Spend

You spend money advertising your beautiful lodge: Magazine ads, TV, Radio, Newspapers...

You attend outdoor shows where you pay for the booth, the staff, the travel, etc...

You have spent more than you thought was possible on everything digital:  Website, Graphics, PPC, Adwords, Facebook, Instagram...

And yet, 96% of the people who do find you leave without taking an action! 

The Marketing Rule of 7

We have a proprietary system to increase the traffic to your site from both those who have found you before and those who have a similar interest.

Using an exclusive real time bidding process, we can place appropriate ads extolling your benefits, your offer, your brand and/or an offer where your ideal guest is on the web.

This allows you to take advantage of the marketing rule of 7 which states your ideal prospect must see you 6-8 times before they make a decision to do business with you.

Discover A New Paradigm

You will learn:

  • How you can utilize the same tactics Fortune 500 companies use to attract more sportsman to your lodge.
  • How to avoid "ad blindness"
  • How to convert more web visitors
  • How to avoid "wasting" money on advertising (This alone is worth 15 minutes!)
  • How to efficiently use Facebook to increase your audience

The Traffic Story - And Why It Matters...

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Is This SEO?

This is NOT SEO. You will not be waiting weeks, months or years for rankings, hoping for results

Is This Social Media?

This is not Social Media. You will not have to worry about social media content. It is not necessary to post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram

Do I Need To Write Content For My Website?

Nope. You will not be bothered with writing content

What About Videos?

Another nope. While it is nice to see the videos of successful events and hunts, it is not necessary to drive traffic

How About Google Adwords?

PPC, or pay per click advertising via Google or Facebook, can enhance traffic but they are not the complete story. If you are doing PPC ads, this will support and maximize your ad spend. Quite possibly replacing it in the long run...

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Instant Traffic

No waiting around for results

Follow All Visitors

Track 100% of your website visitors

Proprietary Strategy

Our unique 10X strategy

Great Results

Consistently above industry average results

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